ID check




IF YOU BUY A DIRECT DELIVERY DOLL, and you pay using Moneris, we will need to run an identification check.

You have 2 options to pay your doll:

1. Paypal – We do not need to run an identification check if you pay using Paypal. They do this for us.
A) If your doll is delivered to a location far from your billing address, we will need to conduct an ID check regardless.
B) If Paypal can not identify you, we will need to run an ID check regardless.

2. Moneris – We need to run an identification check if you use Moneris and buy a 3 Days delivery doll. Why? Please read below.


We have been the victims of fraud lately and we need to protect ourselves.
We have learned this the hard way, unfortunately.

Some people buy using a stolen credit card, get a doll delivered to them in 3-9 days. The legit owner of the card then calls their bank
when they realize that someone used their credit card. Results? We lose a doll + we lose the money.

In order to confirm your identity, we will ask you to send us a high-resolution picture of your driver’s license with your name
and either your billing or your shipping address clearly visible on it.

Of course, you can mask all sensitive information, including your face.
Note: If you order more than one doll or if the delivery address is different from the billing address, we will need to verify your identity. This will involve comparing your face on the ID with your own face.


We also need a picture of your credit card from the front with your name clearly visible on it.
For your protection, you can hide/mask the credit card number. We only need to see and confirm the 4 last digits on your card.

You do not wish to go through this process? There is another solution:

A) Pay using Paypal. (Unless your doll is delivered to a location far from your billing address)
Please note that a 4% processing fee will be due as we will have to pay for them twice if you switch the payment option and get refunded for your Credit Card payment.

B) Have the package shipped to the nearest UPS shop and pick it up when it best suits you.
Please note that you will need an ID to pick up the package.

I am extremely sorry for the hassles, in a perfect world, this would not be required.

Thanks for your understanding.