Breasts – filled-hollow-gel what is the best?

Solid breasts are hard. If you intend to be rough with your doll, use solid boobs. It is much more resistant.

Hollow boobs are breasts with a pocket of air in them. Please note that only C cup and bigger can be hollow. Smaller boobs have no space for the air pocket. Hollow boobs feel very natural. It is a nice enhancement from the filled boobs.

At this moment, gel boobs are offered by WM/YL dolls only. After 1 month of testing, we realized that, sadly, the gel breast option is not compatible with dolls built with soft skin. It happened 6 times until now that gel breasts filled simply exploded during the shipping.

Gel breasts are available for dolls with hard skin and with these cup sizes only: C, D, E, F, G.

We recommend you watch our video comparing solid, hollow, and gel breasts.

Do you carry any $600 – $800 dolls?

We only carry high-quality dolls from legit brands. Any website that is offering you a 50%+ cut off on regular prices claiming that they can offer outstanding deals because they “skip the man in the middle and do business directly with the factory” is purely and simply lying to you.

We actually took the trip to China and we are doing business directly with the top brand’s factories.

What is happening, in fact, is the following :

1. Big legit companies are hiring engineers to create and produce high-quality sex dolls.
2. Small deceptive Chinese companies are stealing their work and copying their material.
3. The copy that they produce is much lower in detail and made with much cheaper material.
4. The skin is made with low quality recycled TPE, cheaper to buy, often toxic and tears very rapidly. Their skeleton joints are either too loose or too rigid and usually break within 4 months. The doll is then not usable anymore.
5. These companies are selling their cheap counterfeits black-market dolls at a low price BUT they are illegally using the same promotion material that the legit big companies created to promote their dolls.
6. Scammers make websites telling you that they “skipped the man in the middle”. What’s in fact happening, is that you are buying a piece of crap.

50% of the time, you will not even get the doll that you took so long chose. They will send you another one. Your money? You lost it.
You may want to read Tom’s excellent blog on this matter.

These people will even promise you that they will sell you the original brand, that the doll will look EXACTLY like the one on the pictures, they will have tons of fake reviews. On their website, they will even push the audacity to the top and warn people against cheap copies!!

Don’t let yourself kid, they are professional scammers. If you see a website that is offering dolls for half of the usual price, you’ll know that they are selling cheap counterfeit copies that will break within a few weeks of use.

There are also websites mixing legit regular prices with some huge sales on some dolls, just keep in mind that a 50% reduced price on a doll is, in fact, a cheap counterfeit doll. There is no other way around.

If it looks too good to be true, then it is.

Is the heating/moaning/vagina cleaner/breathing option any good?

In our experience, no electronic device related to sex dolls is reliable.
Either it doesn’t work at all, or it doesn’t work well or it works for a very short period of time.

The voice is a Chinese lady with a huge accent and her vocabulary is extremely limited. Spare your money.

We took a chance to sell it to 3 of our customers that insisted on it. All 3 had problems with their devices. We feel we need to protect our customers from losing $375. We decided not to sell that device anymore.

As our competitors offer the heating system option, we are offering it as well however, we tested the body heating system and we do not recommend it. You have a 50% chance that it will stop working. On top of that, it does not heat the vagina area at all which makes it useless in our opinion.

Of course, at the end of the day, you decide whether you want to add this option to your doll or not, however, please note that, as you have been warned, there will be no refund if ever the heating system should stop working or not work as you expected.

To be fair, we never tried this. We however decided not to offer it based on our previous experience with all other electronic devices and also on the fact that it adds a lot of weight to your doll.

We tried one once in our shop. We always test the products that we sell to our customers which is a huge benefit for you: You deal with a seller that knows exactly what he is selling. The robot we tested broke after 30 seconds of use. Of course, we decided to not offer any of these to our customers.

Should I order my doll with the stand feet option?

If you do not order your doll with the stand feet option, you will severely damage your doll’s feet each and every time that you put her down to stand even for 1 second. Shoes can not replace the stand feet option. Unless you are a foot fetishist and the bolts under the feet are bothering you, we strongly recommend you buy this option for your doll.

Please note: A doll can not stand alone! A doll with the stand feet option can not hold its balance.  It has to lean somewhere or use some help to be able to stand.

What’s the difference between the ultra-soft and the regular default skin?

The only company offering soft skin is Jinsen (WN, YL, SE, and OR dolls). This type of skin is about 40% softer than their regular skin.

There is however an issue: The soft skin is more fragile than the default hard skin. It is 40% less scratch-resistant and if your doll should fall down, you have more chances to damage the skin than if your doll were made with the default skin. There are also chances that your doll arrives at your place with some skin imperfections. There is nothing that we can do about it.

If your doll is built with ultra-soft skin, it will have to wear flat shoes even if it has the stand option. If not, the sole of your doll’s feet will crack very rapidly. Please note that this part of the doll will anyway crack whether you use ultra-soft skin or not. It will only be faster with soft skin.

We see it this way:
If your priority is the skin’s perfection: take the doll with the default skin.
If your priority is skin realism: take the doll with the ultra-soft skin.

We are trying to give you as much information as possible in order for you to take an enlightened decision.

We recommend you have a look at our video comparing the default and the ultra-soft skin.

What doll brand is the best?

All our doll brands are outstanding. We will give you strong points for each of them.

They have the biggest selection of bodies and heads (over 300 heads to choose from!) They are the only ones that can offer a dildo add-on to your doll to transform her into a she-male. They are one of the few companies that offer their dolls with soft skin. They have different sizes of insert vaginas. Their upgraded skeleton (fall 2019) is the best currently available on the market.

PiperDoll – Doll House 168:
Their soft skin is absolutely amazing! They produce dolls with seamless heads/bodies, meaning that you will not see any crack in the neck area. Their skeleton is a special high-quality one that can reproduce any human movement. They are the only ones that produce a doll with a perfect big bubble butt. You can choose the inside texture of their vaginas. Their big silicone dolls are flawed though: The anus and vagina are unfortunately rapidly tearing.

They are being produced by the same factory as WMDoll. They do have the same qualities however they are more specialized in big hips/big butt models.

They are being produced by the same factory as WMDoll. They do have the same qualities however they are more specialized in fantasy models.

We decided to stop carrying/selling this brand. We have had too many issues with dolls not looking like the one advertised + low-quality product. We strive to offer only quality products to our customers therefore, we will not sell any JY dolls anymore.

They offer the most realistic-looking dolls. Their heads look amazingly real and their bodies have the finest details. They also have a new improved soft skin which feels fantastic and the factory claim it is maintenance-free.

They offer good quality dolls. Unique heads, unique bodies. Their boobs look more like silicone boobs than natural ones. Unfortunately, they do not offer soft skin yet.

What’s the difference between TPE and silicone?

Silicone dolls are…

1. More expensive.
2. More stain and scratch-resistant.
3. Their skin feels less natural.
4. Sex with them feels less natural.
5. If well done, silicone dolls can look incredibly real.
6. Silicone sex dolls are heavier.

TPE dolls are…

1. Softer.
2. More fragile. Easier to stain and scratch.
3. The skin is more flexible.

Why should I buy from you?


– We only sell the top brands.
– We do not sell cheap counterfeit dolls.
– We are offering outstanding customer service.
– You can contact us by Email or by phone at any time between 9 AM and 9 PM. (eastern time)
– We have been to China and have visited the factories that we are doing business with.
– We do have many dolls in our warehouse for immediate delivery.
– We are professionals. We actually have an office and a warehouse. Have a look at our videos:
– We are listed in the excellent Tom’s Sex Dolls Reviews blog, and we are Celesdoll and’s favorite sex dolls vendor.
Our dedication and customer service are simply unmatched.

– We are honest and take pride in doing ethical business.

What are the most frequent customers complaints?

We do not receive many complaints but when we do, I’d say it is, in order from the most mentioned to the less mentioned one:

1. Some items missing in the box.
2. The doll arrives with small damages such as fallen nails or eyes that were not placed in the socket correctly.
3. The build/shipping waiting time.

All of the above are out of our control, unfortunately.
We do all we can on our end to ensure you the best purchase experience
possible but there are variables that are beyond our control.

If ever there are missing items in the box, we get them shipped to you again.
As for small damages that could happen during the transport or because of a
clumsy customs agent, please refer to this page:

How to store your doll?

Here are the best storage solutions:

1. Have her hanged somewhere. If you can not do that, you can have her lying on thick memory foam.
2. Having her lying on your bed for a long period of time without a thick memory foam will flatten out her butt in the long run.
3. You can store her in her box, standing with her knees 100% straight to avoid loosening the bolts in the knee articulations.
4. If the options above do not work for you, try to have her standing against a wall, knees straight to avoid loosening the bolts in the knee articulations.

Can I have the doll shipped to a UPS/FedEx store?


On the order page, there is a checkbox called “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?”
Click on it and fill the fields with the nearest carrier’s facility address. Please make
clear that you want to have the package shipped to the carrier.