In what currency are your prices?

All our prices are in USD because 95% of our customers are Americans.

Breasts – filled-hollow-gel what is the best?

Solid breasts are firm and hard. If you intend to handle your doll roughly, solid breasts are the better choice as they are more resistant.

Hollow breasts contain a pocket of air within them. Please note that only B cup and larger sizes can have hollow breasts.
Smaller sizes do not have enough space for the air pocket.
Hollow breasts provide a very natural feel, enhancing the overall experience compared to filled breasts.

Gel breasts are a modern innovation that adds realism to your sex doll. They are heavier, mimicking the behavior of natural breasts when jiggled.
Gel breasts are available for dolls with hard skin in cup sizes B, C, D, E, F, and G.

We recommend watching our video comparing solid, hollow, and gel breasts for a visual comparison:

Do you carry any $600 – $800 dolls?

We exclusively carry high-quality dolls from reputable brands.
Any website offering more than a 50% discount on regular prices, claiming exceptional deals by ‘eliminating intermediaries and dealing directly with factories,’ is simply misleading you.

In fact, our commitment led us to visit factories in China and establish direct partnerships with top brands.

Here’s what’s really happening:

  1. Established, reputable companies employ engineers to create and manufacture high-quality sex dolls.
  2. Smaller, deceitful Chinese companies steal their work and replicate their materials.
  3. These copies lack detail and are made from inferior materials.
  4. They use low-quality recycled TPE for the skin, which is not only cheaper but often toxic and prone to rapid tearing. Their skeleton joints are either too loose or too rigid, usually breaking within 4 months, rendering the doll unusable.
  5. These companies sell these cheap, counterfeit dolls on the black market at low prices. However, they illegally use promotional materials created by legitimate companies to market their inferior products.
  6. Scammers create websites claiming they’ve ‘cut out the middleman,’ but you’re essentially purchasing subpar merchandise.

Half the time, you won’t even receive the doll you carefully selected; they may send you a different one, and your money is lost. You might want to read Tom’s excellent blog on this issue.

These individuals may also promise the ‘original brand,’ claim the doll will look exactly like the pictures, and post numerous fake reviews.
On their website, they audaciously warn against cheap imitations.

Don’t be fooled; they are professional scammers.
If you encounter a website selling dolls at half the usual price, it’s likely peddling cheap counterfeit copies that won’t last more than a few weeks.

Some websites mix regular prices with massive discounts on select dolls, but remember: a 50% price reduction often indicates a subpar counterfeit doll.
There’s no other explanation.

If it appears too good to be true, it usually is.

Heating/moaning/vagina cleaner/breathing/sucking vagina option any good?

In our experience, no electronic device related to sex dolls is reliable.
Either it doesn’t work at all, or it doesn’t work well or it works for a very short period of time.

The voice is a Chinese lady with a huge accent and her vocabulary is extremely limited. Spare your money. Of course, if you wish to buy it, we will sell it to you. No warranty will be granted though.

We took a chance to sell it to 3 of our customers that insisted on it. All 3 had problems with their devices. We feel we need to protect our customers from losing $375. Of course, if you wish to buy it, we will sell it to you. No warranty will be granted though.

As our competitors offer the heating system option, we are offering it as well however, we tested the body heating system and we do not recommend it. You have a 50% chance that it will stop working. On top of that, it does not heat the vagina area at all which makes it useless in our opinion.

Of course, at the end of the day, you decide whether you want to add this option to your doll or not, however, please note that, as you have been warned, there will be no refund if ever the heating system should stop working or not work as you expected.

To be fair, we never tried this. If you wish to buy it, we will sell it to you. No warranty will be granted though.

We tried one once in our shop. We always test the products that we sell to our customers which is a huge benefit for you: You deal with a seller that knows exactly what he is selling. The robot we tested broke after 30 seconds of use. We decided to not offer any of these to our customers.

Customers who tried that option barely feel the difference when using it. It adds about 7 pounds weight to your doll and it happened 1 time where the doll was not even usable because it made sex feel uncomfortable. We can not offer any warranty on that option.

Should I order my doll with the stand feet option?

If you don’t order your doll with the stand feet option, you risk severely damaging her feet every time you put her down, even for just a second.
Shoes cannot replace the stand feet option. Unless you have a foot fetish and find the bolts under the feet bothersome, we strongly recommend purchasing this option for your doll.

Please note:
A doll cannot stand on its own, even with the stand feet option. It will need to lean against something or receive assistance to maintain balance.

What’s the difference between the ultra-soft and the regular default skin?
  1. Jinsen (WN, YL, SE, and OR dolls) and AIBEI are the only companies offering soft skin for their TPE dolls.
  2. This type of skin is undoubtedly an enhancement compared to the regular/default skin.
  3. After several years of testing default, soft, and ultra-soft skin, we’ve discovered the perfect softness mixture for a TPE sex doll: The new generation of soft skin.
  4. Furthermore, the current soft skin generation also supports gel breasts, which were not compatible with the previous soft skin generation.
What’s the difference between TPE and silicone?

Silicone dolls are…

1. More expensive.
2. More stain and scratch-resistant.
3. Their skin feels less lifelike/natural.
4. Intimacy with them feels less natural.
5. When crafted well, silicone dolls can appear incredibly realistic.
6. Silicone sex dolls are heavier.

TPE dolls are…

1. Softer.
2. More fragile. Easier to stain and scratch.
3. Their skin is more flexible.

Why should I buy from you?


  • We only sell top brands.
  • We do not sell cheap counterfeit dolls.
  • We offer outstanding customer service.
  • You can contact us by email or by phone anytime between 9 AM and 9 PM (Eastern Time).
  • We have personally visited the factories in China that we do business with.
  • We have many dolls in our warehouse available for immediate delivery.
  • We are professionals with an office and a warehouse. Take a look at our videos:
  • We are featured in the excellent Tom’s Sex Dolls Reviews blog, and we are the favorite sex doll vendor of Celesdoll and
    Our dedication and customer service are simply unmatched.
  • We are honest and take pride in conducting ethical business.
What are the most frequent customer complaints?

We don’t receive many complaints, but when we do, they typically fall into the following categories, listed from most mentioned to least mentioned:

  1. Some items may be missing from the box.
  2. The doll may arrive with minor damages, such as loose nails or incorrectly placed eyes.
  3. Concerns about the build or shipping waiting time.

Unfortunately, all of the above issues are beyond our control. We do everything within our power to provide you with the best possible purchasing experience. However, there are factors that we cannot influence.

If you ever find that items are missing from the box, we will promptly arrange for them to be shipped to you. In the case of minor damages that may occur during transportation or due to handling by customs agents, please refer to this page for our refund and return policy:

How to store your doll?

Here are the best storage solutions:

  1. Hang her somewhere. If you can’t do that, you can lay her on thick memory foam.
  2. If she lies on your bed for extended periods without thick memory foam, her buttocks may flatten over time.
  3. Store her in her box, standing with her knees 100% straight to prevent the bolts in the knee joints from loosening.
  4. If none of the above options work for you, try having her stand against a wall with her knees straight to avoid loosening the bolts in the knee joints.
Can I have the doll shipped to a UPS/FedEx store?


On the order page, you’ll find a checkbox labeled “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” Click on it and fill out the fields with the address of the nearest carrier facility.
Please make it clear that you want the package to be shipped to the carrier.