Please have a look at this page regularly.
The shipping timespan changes very often.



FedEx seems to have started the bad habit to give confusing information regarding the estimated delivery date.
If you can read LABEL CREATED on their page. This means that the package was registered with them but has not been shipped yet.
EDIT: It could also mean that the package was shipped by sea.

See the screenshot below.


The package is still somewhere in a FedEx warehouse in China OR the package was shipped by sea.

When the package will be loaded on a plane or will arrive at a port in the US, you will see that LABEL CREATED note disappears. You will see IN TRANSIT instead.
Please refer to the screenshot below.

This means the package is on its way to you.
FedEx will then be able to give you a real Estimated delivery date.



We offer Free Worldwide sex doll delivery and discreet shipping. Please check the details below:

Can we ship to your country?

We ship everywhere except:

– No delivery to any Islamic country.
– No delivery to India is possible.
– No delivery to Brazil is possible.
– No delivery to Israel at the moment due to the war. Usually delivery is possible for certain brands, a $200 extra shipping fee will be due and will be sent to you after you place the order.
– We do not ship directly to Mexico however, it is possible to receive a sexdoll in Mexico. You need to signup and use this company: importashop.
No refund is possible for dolls ceased by the customs.
– There will be an overcharge if you live in a remote location.
– During wars delivery in this certain country may be limited/impossible.

When will you get your doll?

To calculate when you will get your doll, you need to figure out the following
A) How long will be the production time
B) How long will be the shipping process.
C) How long will take the customs process.


The timeframes below are estimated.
They are not guaranteed production/delivery timeframes and may be longer during the New Moon Holidays.


A) Production Time

How long will it take to build your doll?

Brand Estimated Production Time
In-stock dolls Available immediately – We ship to North America only
WM 20 to 40 days
YL 20 to 40 days
Piper Doll/Doll House 168/Doll4Ever TPE dolls 20 – 30 days
Piper Doll/Doll House 168/Doll4Ever silicone dolls 30 to 50 days
6Ye 10 – 15 days
AS 10 days
AF 10 days
HR 10 days
SE 25 to 35 days
Starpery 20 to 50 days 






20 to 30 days


10 to 20 days


8 to 16  days

Game Lady





30 to 40 days


30 to 45 days


45 to 70 days

B) Shipping & C) Customs

In order to know when you will get your doll, you need to calculate the production time (table above) + the shipping time + the customs release time (table below)



Shipped from
Shipping time Customs fee Customs release time
North America

In-stock dolls
(Shipped from Canada)
2 to 4 business days No fee No delay.
Please note: the 2-4 (business) days shipping is not guaranteed. If ever there should be a delay for unpredictable reasons (weather, mechanical failure, UPS error, etc. ), we can not be held responsible.

Chinese factory

5 to 15 days No fee 98% of the time, there is no delay at all to pass the US customs, however, if your doll should go through the terrible Honolulu customs, it might take as long as 50 days to release your doll.

Chinese factory


5 to 15 days You need to pay
customs fees**
No delay

Chinese factory

5 to 15 days No fee

Malaysia – You need to pay customs

No delay
Chinese factory
5 to 15 days regular shipping. (You pay the full customs)


25-60 days+ pre-paid customs. (you will have to pay an extra fee)

If you wish to pay the customs yourself, the delivery time span for the EU is 5 to 15 days.

If you wish us to pay the customs for you before she gets shipped, your package will take around 25-60+ days to arrive at your doorsteps. The pre-paid customs process can take forever.

If you do not ask us to pre-pay the customs, the doll will automatically be shipped via the regular way.

5 to 25 days. Unless you ask us, we ship this way.



Pre-paid customs can have huge delays.

Chinese factory
5 to 25 days You need to pay
customs fees**
No delay
Chinese factory
5 to 15 days You need to pay
customs fees**
No delay
Chinese factory
15 to 25 days You need to pay
customs fees**
No delay
Chinese factory
1 to 3 months You need to pay
customs fees**
Since the COVID measures and restrictions, the UK customs has become a nightmare. Waiting for up to 3 months to have your package released is something that became common, sadly.  No vendor can do anything about it. It is the same for everyone.

You either pay the delivery man or with your credit card using either an automated system or by phone.
We can not tell you how much the customs will be, it depends on your country and the region you live in.

Sex Doll Shipping Partners

We use FedEx, DHL, or UPS. As soon as your doll is ready for shipping, we’ll provide a tracking number so that you can estimate her arrival date and time.

Discreet Sex Doll Packaging

We have years of experience in the adult toy industry. Your privacy is our priority.

We declare the product as a mannequin to protect your privacy.
Your doll will be packaged in a brown plain box as below. No one knows what’s in the box except you!