refund and return




Cancellation within 3 days:

We will refund you as follow:
Purchase price
– 10% processing fee for placing the order with the factory, paying it, and canceling it.
– The bank processing fee (4%)
– The amount you would have paid if you would have bought the free outfits + the free gift.
We ordered them and paid for them and can unfortunately not stop the process.
= The amount that we will refund to you.

Cancellation 4 days and + after your purchase:
50% processing fee.



These dolls are shipped immediately, therefore, it is not possible to cancel your order.

Please note: the 3 (business) days shipping is not guaranteed. If ever there should be
a delay for unpredictable reasons (weather, mechanical failure, UPS error, etc ), we can
not be held responsible.

We will run an identification check for all in-stock sex dolls (meaning dolls available for a 3 days delivery)
that are paid using a credit card. Payments made with Paypal are not subject to an identification check.

We will run an identification check if your name and billing address are different than the name and delivery address.


Refunds* and Returns:


A thorough quality check is performed on your dolls before it is shipped to you. The following situations can happen
to anyone getting a doll shipped from China, no matter from what factory. Please keep in mind that the package will
travel 11 000km (7000 miles). Thus, problems may occur. Some major, some minor. We have been in the industry long
enough and have experienced all types of situations. Here are the issue possibilities and our solutions.

We will refund you if…
Your doll gets lost during the shipping. In the unlikely event that this should happen, we will
issue you a full refund. We consider the doll as “lost” if the shipping company’s tracking page shows that the doll has been
in the “customs clearance queue” for more than 60 days.
Based on our experience, the chance that this happens is 0.5%.

We will send you a new doll if…
You receive a defective doll* or the wrong product.
Based on our experience, the chance that this happens is 0.01%.

We will send you a repair kit if…
The doll’s skin has been damaged in the shipping process. This means that there is a significant tear on your doll’s skin.
Based on our experience, the chance that this happens is 3%.

Minor damages that can happen during the shipping process…
– Finger or toenails fell off. (Caused by the customs thugs. You can easily fix this with regular nail glue)
– Eyelash fell off. (Caused by the customs thugs. You can easily fix this with regular nail glue)
– Small skin scratches that go away mainly when you oil them. (This happens especially -but not only- if you choose the soft skin option)
– Some small skin imperfections. (This happens especially -but not only- if you choose the soft skin option) There is not much to do.
Based on our experience, the chances that one of these situations happens is 5%.

You are not eligible for any exchanges if…
The item is damaged due to improper use.
You must have common sense and take care of the item to avoid any premature damage to the product.


You will get factory pictures for your approval before we ship you your doll.
You can then decide if you like your doll as is or if you’d like some changes to it.

It is not possible to choose a different extra free head. This head is offered to you
as a courtesy from us, that head does not cost you anything however, we need to pay for it.
Therefore, we will not change it should you not like it.

Thank you for your understanding.



* = Defective means that you can not use your doll because of a significant malfunction.
The process to send you a new doll is the following:
1. We will arrange a pick-up.
2. You send us the doll. The doll has to arrive here in perfect condition. No stain, no damages. Otherwise, you will be charged $200
3. Once we receive your doll and make sure it is in good condition (except for the built malfunction, of course), we ship you a new doll.

Please note that there is no other way around.
This is the unique process to get a new doll shipped to you.


Our goal is to get you satisfied.
We use common sense and treat you the way that we would like to be treated as a customer.


We refund you for the cost of the doll and the add-on options. We do not refund for the outfits.